About Us

The Arambula Law Firm, P.C. (“ALF”), is a minority-owned civil defense law firm located in San Antonio, Texas. It is committed to providing quality legal representation for its various clients in State or Federal Courts located in the State of Texas. 

ALF attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and experience in litigating cases and addressing legal issues in the areas of Business & Commercial Law; Construction Law; General Liability, Personal Injury, & Product Liability; Governmental Law; Insurance; Labor & Employment Law; and Trucking & Transportation. 

All ALF personnel are synched with our computer network system. We regularly access the network system from Court and other off-premises locations in order to serve our clients.  

ALF strives nonstop to defend its clients in State or Federal Court throughout the Lone Star State.  Its clients have been extremely pleased with the effectiveness and quality of the legal representation provided by the firm,